History of Women’s Trousers

they became conscious of male supremacy and domination. So, women started struggling for equality; wearing trousers was one of the ladders in the contest of fairness.

Pants, trousers and jeans were previously associated with men. Women wearing trousers started in the 4th century in Persia, but this trend of women wearing trousers did not last long and soon died out. It was in the late 19th century that women started wearing men’s trousers and pants to work. They found wearing trousers to be more convenient and comfortable rather than wearing skirts and dressy outfits. Women did not have an exact brand that manufactured their trouser fashion, and they had to be dressed in men trousers.

The primary female item of clothing, similar to pants, were “bloomers”, a full skirt attainment just below the knee, with full-cut trousers underneath.

In the history, pants were referred to as breeches, trousers and trews. Today, women can choose from full leg, straight leg, Capri’s, and tailored suits. History tells us that there is a record of 4th Century Persian women wearing pants, but that trend did not really travel to the Western World at that time. The first big rumblings of women wearing trousers happened at the end of the Victorian era. Ladies became weary of important full skirts, whalebone corsets, cumbersome padding, bustles and those multi-layered petticoats.

Various other designers stepped onto the fashion scene introducing diverse trouser designs and cuts. Historically, women did not fancy wearing trousers and pants, but now, with lots of designers stepping into the fashion industry and introducing many trouser designs, wearing trousers with classy shirts and The big revolution regarding women’s trousers came in the 1960’s when trousers for women were introduced by André Courses. Since then, trousers have become a necessary part of all western women’s clothes.

Tight trousers are uncomfortable, and will frequently cause a bulging effect, that is not very attractive. Wearing trousers that are too loose can make a person show larger than they are – for many women this is something they wish to keep away from.

The most excellent method to make sure fit, and to know the accurate size that you should be wearing, is to try the trousers on. A good fit will allow a little give at the waist, sufficient to contentedly fit your thumb, no more and no fewer, you should not be able to feel any pinching around the hips or thighs eitherScience Articles, a little give is necessary.